SwiftyBeaver Logging Framework is the extensible &  lightweight open-source logger for Swift 2.2 and later. It is great for  development & release due to its support for many (custom) logging destinations. 

SwiftyBeaver Framework is also an important the foundation of the SwiftyBeaver Logging Platform which consists of:

  • SwiftyBeaver Framework to create logs in your app during development and release
  • SwiftyBeaver Crypto Cloud to store & sync encrypted logs
  • SwiftyBeaver Mac App to download, search & analyze the logs sent from you app

SwiftyBeaver Platform components & encrypted data flow. Click to zoom.

Framework Unique Feature Set

  1. Log to Xcode Console and / or log to a file
  2. Add custom log destination handlers to log to Loggly, Redis, etc.
  3. Send your logs with end-to-end AES256 encryption to the SwiftyBeaver Mac App
  4. Colored output to log file, etc.
  5. Uses own serial background queues/threads for a great performance
  6. Log levels which are below the set minimum are not executed for even better release performance
  7. Increases productivity & saves a lot of time thanks to "Needle in the Haystack" mode
  8. Easy & convenient configuration
  9. Use multiple logging destinations & settings, even for the same type
  10. Already comes with good defaults
  11. Fully customizable log format
  12. Mighty filters
  13. Use log.debug("foo") syntax
  14. Get started with 2 lines of code
  15. Simple installation via Carthage, CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager or download
  16. Very detailed logging (optional):
    1. time (with microsecond precision)
    2. level (output in color)
    3. thread name (if not main thread)
    4. filename, function & line
    5. message (can be string or a variable of any type)
  17. Native support for leading Xcode development plugins

Let’s Log!

Start logging with just 6 lines of code, follow the installation guide and basic setup mentioned below. And if you have questions: we are always here to help!

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