Enterprise Trial Limitations

SwiftyBeaver Enterprise can be used without a valid license as trial with the following limitations:

  1. every second incoming log message is deleted!
  2. every second log message is replaced with the following log message text: "UNLICENSED TRIAL of SwiftyBeaver Enterprise ..."
  3. no installation or setup support
  4. no upgrade or security notifications

Check License Status

During the start of SwiftyBeaver Enterprise you are informed about your license status. The license status of a running server can be checked by sending basic-auth protected request to the server https://YourEnterpriseServer/api/status:

# Basic Auth protected call to the server using app credentials 
curl "https://YourEnterpriseServer/api/status" -u 'YourAppID:YourAppSecret'

> SwiftyBeaver Enterprise
> Version: 2.0.0
> Build: 28
> Every 2nd incoming log message is replaced with an upgrade text during your trial!
> Please contact sales@swiftybeaver.com to get your license key.
> App IDs: YourAppID
> ElasticSearch: connected

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