High Availability, High Scalability & Load Balancer Setup

SwiftyBeaver Enterprise is having a built-in HTTP server which is also  doing internal load balancing to its auto-spawning threads and is handling basic authentication. In general a single SwiftyBeaver Enterprise server instance can serve up to 30,000 requests per second, depending on how fast the connected Elasticsearch cluster is.

For high scalability and high availability it is strongly recommended to  horizontally scale SwiftyBeaver Enterprise instances by putting them behind a load balancer. On default, a SwiftyBeaver Enterprise server is running on port 8080 and exposes a health check route /ping which is not protected by Basic Auth.  That ping route can be used for automated health checks by the load balancer.

The load balancer should also handle  SSL termination and redirect incoming traffic on port 443 to port 8080 of the attached SwiftyBeaver Enterprise server instances. That avoids issues on client devices like iPhones or iPads which often require connections from the device to be SSL-encrypted.

SwiftyBeaver Enterprise does not store any temporary data on disk so it is safe to "throw away" an instance and start with a fresh install when needed.

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