Enterprise Configuration

Each SwiftyBeaver Enterprise server can be configured to your own needs using a set of environment variables. The configuration is read during start and if you want to change the configuration a restart is required.

Environment Variables

Variable Default Description
SERVER_PORT 8080 Port the server is running on
Your license key. If empty then trial limitations are active
APPS App credentials separated by comma (see below)
ES_HOST http://localhost:9200
Elasticsearch host with port for RESTful API calls
Elasticsearch Basic Auth user 
Elasticsearch Basic Auth password 

The APPS Variable

You should use new app credentials for every new app or major app version. 

A set of app credentials contains of:

  • App ID: a unique name which is set by you
  • App Secret: a unique password which is set by you
  • App Encryption Key: A 32 characters long password which is used to encrypt logs on your client devices with end-to-end encryption. It is crucial that the password has a length of 32 characters (= 256bit) or a multiplier of it

Each set of app credentials you put in your framework at the SBPlatformDestination()

The APPS environment variable can hold multiple app credential sets which allows SwiftyBeaver Enterprise to accept logs from multiple apps at the same time. For that the APPS variable needs to be in the following format:


Individual items of an app credential set are separated with the pipe symbol and a new set is starting with a comma. Spaces are not allowed in the values or as separator!

Trial Limitations

If you do not add a valid LICENSE variable then SwiftyBeaver Enterprise will delete every second incoming log message from your apps and replace it with an upgrade message. 

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