Framework Setup for Enterprise

You use the open-source  SwiftyBeaver Logging Framework to send logs from your devices to SwiftyBeaver Enterprise securely with end-to-end encryption to your own Elasticsearch / Kibana cluster for high compliance and scalability. 


You need to use the  latest SwiftyBeaver Logging Framework but at least version 1.4.4 to send remote logs to SwiftyBeaver Enterprise from your apps.

Follow these steps before you setup your framework:

  1. Install Elasticsearch & Kibana
  2. Install SwiftyBeaver Enterprise
  3. Decide on new secure app credentials which consist of app ID, app secret and a 32 characters long encryption key
  4. Start SwiftyBeaver Enterprise using these new app credentials


Now add your SwiftyBeaver Enterprise server URL and your new app credentials to the SBPlatformDestination() of the SwiftyBeaver framework. The framework will not send logs to the SwiftyBeaver Platform servers anymore but to your SwiftyBeaver Enterprise server instead. 

As server endpoint it is crucial to use HTTPS to avoid issues with the iOS sending restrictions (best is to put a SSL-handling load balancer in front of your servers) and to let the URL end with /api/entries because this is where the server is listening for incoming encrypted log messages:

let platform = SBPlatformDestination(
			appID: "YourAppID", 
                    	appSecret: "YourAppSecret", 
			encryptionKey: "Your32CharKey", 
			serverURL: "https://yourSBEnterpriseServer/api/entries")

Please see the  Platform destination docs for more details about tuning how often logs are sent and how to debug sending issues.

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